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What is fullCoin?

FullCoin is a token designed to pay for services and products, besides it will create a fund for startups.


FullCoin is a token that was created with the purpose of making a difference in the worldwide market for this sort of asset. It’s designed to connect user with technical and support services through the TecniFull application, among other entrepreneurial ideas and purposes. It is a long-term project that wants to create a precedent and leave an intergenerational legacy in the economic world of cryptocurrencies.

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Why invest in fullCoin?


FullCoin is a tokens like any other, based on independent variables.

Based Ethereum Blockchain

Will Increase Value

The value will increase thanks to the investment of its holders, and work processes.

It’s a win-win system

FullCoin is a tokens that serves as the foundation for TecniFull, an application with an extensive system of service rewards.

It is the innovation of entrepreneurship

From now on, you will see the financing system for entrepreneurs in a different way.

It’s a long-term project

We have a team highly committed to giving growth to the platform under which our investors will be backed.

Pre-SALE Now!

How can you get FullCoin?

200 million Tokens will be up
for pre-sale, 0.03 Cents each.
1200 millions for general public sale

How can you get Tokens?

  • Ethereum

Affiliates Program

FullCoin offers
an affiliate program,
that gives you a
10% by referrals,
all through
our cryptocurrency
To receive these benefits,
you must register with
our program as an affiliate
and then receive a link to invite
your referrals to enter our website
for further registration below it.


TecniFull is your modern
alternative for the usual services

Tecnifull app


The application is designed to be completely safe in use. With identity verification and security panels adapted to each type of user.

Easy to use

With its different interfaces you will be able to navigate and find what you are looking for, thus facilitating the use of cryptomoney.


Using TecniFull you will be joining a network of discounts, since you will be able to purchase products and services from companies and professionals affiliated with the app.


Promote your services, just register at our physical facilities and submit your documents, to start earning as a professional.


It locates the best professionals, according to the qualification that the other users of the platform have given it. Make sure you pay for good service.


All the points you earn can be exchanged for FullCoins, which you can then cash in money from your country using our debit cards

More about us

Debit card

We want to bring the technology of the cryptocoins closer to our daily life. And the best way we could do that was by simplifying the collection of the profits from investing in our ICO. For this reason, we would like to introduce our debit card, with which you can exchange your FullCoin Tokens for money from your country.


This service will be progressively extended to different countries.

Discount Card

We wanted to go further and establish win-win business relationships. For this reason, we have devised a system of discounts, with which you can purchase products and services from our affiliates for a lower price. Most importantly, you will both receive points for using this card that can then be exchanged for FullCoin tokens.


In this way, our affiliates and our consumers will be ensuring a win-win relationship. Both will receive prizes for their use of the discount system.


FullCoin Tokens remaining unsold (in the event that some are not sold) at the ICO will be added to this amount.

Token Distribution

  • Pre-sales: 200 million
  • Public-Sale: 1200 million
  • Bonds: 310,000,000,000
  • Staff: 110 million
  • Customer and technical customer bonuses, customer purchase rewards and financing fund: 100 Million

Fund distribution

  • Team work
  • Development of ICO, App TecniFull, Points and Discount System and Members' Club platform
  • Legal proceedings
  • Infrastructure
  • Advertising

Find out more about the ICO's bases by consulting the Whitepaper

Team of the Company

Carlos Bautista

President of Bautista Lovendoto Business Group

From Dominican Republic

Meet our tech wizards


Natan Mercedes

Digital Marketing Specialist


Karime Rivas

Marketing Manager


Julio Lovera

Web Developer


Joseph Micarlo Emile


Ravi Halai Photo

Ravi Halai



Mariajose Molina

Graphic Designer


Lidia Angulo

Web Designer


Eymar Jimenez

Graphic Designer



First Semester 2014

The Idea of Creating a TecniFull App Arises


Second Semester 2017

ICO FullCoin Team Building and Project Development


June 2018

Launch of ICO FullCoin Website and Social Networks

August 2018

Pre – Sale ICO FullCoin

September 2018

Launch of TecniFull (Beta version)

September 2018

Start development of the Discount and Bonus System for purchases in businesses affiliated with FullCoin

October 2018

Token Public Sale Starts


January 2019

Tecnifull Launch in Dominican Republic and all the Caribbean

February 2019

Launching of the Business Guide for affiliates in the Dominican Republic and the entire Caribbean

March 2019

Opening of a competition for financing entrepreneurial projects with FullCoin

November 2019

Presentation of the Financial Report to the Members’ Club


January 2020

TecniFull launches throughout Latin America


January 2021

TECNIFULL will be in the United States. And Canada. Presentation of first projects elected for FullCoin financing


January 2022

TECNIFULL will be in Europe and some countries in Asia and Africa

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